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Nothing is more important than pricing your home right. A Walla Walla home value report is your first step in the right direction. Unlike some real estate agents, I will listen to you. Obviously you have lived longer on your street than I have. We’ll combine our local knowledge, and my robust housing market statistics to develop a pricing plan to sell your Walla Walla home in a timely manner.

Holly is very knowledgable about the real estate market in Walla Walla. She has great ideas on home potential and possibilities. She won’t just brush over any concerns or questions, she will address any issues and provide answers to your questions. She is a type A personality and loves her work. She will help you find the home of your dreams or help you sell your home quickly.
— Sue R. from Walla Walla

After you have reviewed your Walla Walla home value report, I would like to set an appointment to view the interior of the home and generate an even more specific value report. Pricing is not everything to selling a home (be sure to check out my selling marketing package), but it is the first step to obtaining the right price for your Walla Walla home.

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